Carjacking suspect killed after exchanging fire with San Jose police

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A shootout with the San Jose police officers killed a carjacking attempt suspect on Wednesday night, KPIX 5 reported.

The shooting transpired in the Hedding Street and Park Avenue area in San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood, police said in a tweet shortly before 7:30 p.m.

A LoJack notification reached the police regarding a stolen vehicle driven by the man in East San Jose shortly after 6 p.m., said San Jose Police Department’s Sgt. Christian Camarillo.

According to him, an airship monitored the car into Santa Clara. There, the armed suspect tried to carjack a separate vehicle.

The victim in the second car managed to escape and prevented the suspect from taking the vehicle.

Authorities on the scene of a fatal police shooting in the area of Hedding Street and Park Avenue in San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood, January 19, 2022. (CBS)

The suspect then returned to San Jose, police said, and triggered a “serious traffic collision” in Hedding and Park intersection.

Camarillo said the suspect fired at police officers at the location, prompting them to fire back, hitting the suspect once.

The suspect, whose identity is withheld, was brought to a local hospital but was declared dead.

Police said there were no injuries on their side. The victims aboard the car attacked by the suspect suffered minor to moderate wounds.

The investigation closed the streets in the area as of 10 p.m.