San Francisco, Bay Area Restaurants that have Closed for Good

The month of March has marked the end for many Bay Area restaurants and businesses. Despite most counties moving into a less restrictive orange tier of California’s reopening, still, a lot of restaurants have permanently closed.  Longstanding restaurants that have closed included Tyger’s Coffee Shop in San Francisco, which closed on March 31, and Baja […]

Cardiologists and Dietitians say that these 7 Foods are bad for your Heart

Amongst hundred types of food out there, which of these get the red light when it comes to maintaining the health of the heart? Here are 10 worse food for your heart.  Ketchup You might want to rethink your condiment choices the next time you go grocery shopping.  According to Juan Rivera, MD, a cardiologist […]

Popular Mexican Cafe to Close after 10 Years

After 10 long years, Cosecha, a popular Mexican cafe in Oakland, is leaving Swan’s Market.  “We’ve lost 80% of our regular business because of COVID,” said Dominica Rice-Cisneros, owner of Cosecha.  “The line for our cafe would be right here, this whole front area at lunch crunch,” she explained, gesturing across the entirety of the […]

Why is Fast Food More Expensive During Pandemics?

Photo by Eat This, Not That!  Millions of Americans have been heavily reliant on fast-food joints more often during the pandemic. Because of quarantine and social distancing protocols that forced dine-in restaurants to operate in a limited capacity, fast food takeout and delivery have been one of the most popular options that people would go […]

After Dalgona, Proffee is the New Viral Coffee Trend

Photo by @burnbootcampmckinney on Instagram If you’re talking about a simple coffee recipe that went viral for its simpleness and appealing visual, it has to be Dalgona. The keyword is the top most-search recipes, according to Google’s Year in Search. The recipe involves whipping up a coffee mix to top over milk, creating a delicious […]

5 Dangerous Food that you Love

Food is a vital part of human life. It is an essential need to live. However, not all food is good for our health. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 10 people each year fall ill due to the consumption of contaminated food. There are particular food that we all should be keeping […]

5 Vegetables You Must Add To Your Winter Diet

Other than warm winter jackets, we also need warm and comforting food that can heat us up internally. There are certain vegetables that are capable of warming us and at the same time, provide us with much-needed nutrition during the winter season.  Here are the top 5 vegetables that experts suggest we should incorporate to […]

7 Healthy Recipes to start the New Year

2020 was a rough year for all of us and the Covid-19 global pandemic is still lurking around even as 2021 enters. It was so hard that just about anything on the table is good enough. With these difficult times, it might be right to just reject unattainable and unrealistic diets. However, this doesn’t mean […]

Kroger’s top 10 trending groceries of 2020

Kroger, the grocery retail company announces the 2020 list of 10 trending foods. This was based on the year-over-year sales growth data coming from the company’s 2800+ stores all over the country. Owning about two dozen supermarkets all over the country, Kroger is undeniably the largest supermarket company in America, as said by Food and […]