Cell phone video showed illegal slideshow in San Francisco

2 mins read

A huge illegal slideshow in San Francisco was caught in a cell phone video early Sunday morning, just before 3:00 a.m. at 6th and Harrison Streets.

No arrests linked to the slideshow were made yet this early morning, the San Francisco police said.

The slideshow still happens often even when San Francisco and Bay Area cities are moving to eradicate the act.

During this exhibition, intersections are closed and audiences block the traffic using their cars to prevent the police from entering before the huge crowd is gone.

The slideshow was captured following almost a year that the police and the city leaders vowed to put an end to this illegality.

New legislation was approved last fall that now permits vehicles linked to illegal slideshows to be impounded for up to 30 days.

Added to this, surveillance on these activities are augmented by 15 more city cameras.

A specialized stunt driving response unit was even created by the San Francisco police.

Illegal slideshows are considered a dangerous issue that bothers the Bay Area.

San Jose city has so far placed the severest method to clamp down on these illegalities. The city, last June, became the first major city across the U.S. to illegalize the promotion of slideshows. Promotion through phone, social media or word of mouth is considered illegal.

Last year, city leaders illegalized being a spectator at a slideshow, KRON4 reported.

Anyone with further information regarding the illegal slideshow is asked to report to the police.