Check out restriction changes in your county following CA’s statewide indoor mask mandate

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California has announced new pandemic safety measures to go on full swing Wednesday as state officials said it is for increased caution.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, California’s health secretary, citing the 47 percent increase in virus cases and 14 percent increase in hospitalizations since Thanksgiving, announced the reinforcement of the indoor mask mandate that covers both vaccinated and unvaccinated statewide. The mandate will be in place at least until January 15 next year. Health officials on Monday said that at that period, the situation will be assessed to come up with more recommendations for the pandemic response.

“Wearing a mask is going to be one of the most important things to get through this period of uncertainty,” Ghaly said. “We’re just under two weeks before Christmas, before New Year, before other dates for the holidays… now is an important time to determine to get vaccinated.”

Before the announcement of the new mandate, health leaders in the region have announced their own criteria for relaxing pandemic restrictions as the case rates.

Each county in the Bay Area had different changes in the restrictions according to metrics including vaccination rates and hospitalizations.

Below are the month-long changes in mask mandate policy for each county in the region, as reported by ABC7:

·       Alameda – No changes will be applied for this county which has already removed the mask mandate exception for people who completed their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

·       Contra Costa – This country announced mask mandate exception covering fully vaccinated residents in limited settings like school, office, gym, since Nov. 1

·       Marin – All public settings went off the county-wide indoor mask mandate on Nov. 1

·       San Francisco – Exceptions in mask mandate were announced for fully vaccinated people in limited venues like school, office, gym, since Oct. 15

·       Solano – No previously-announced county-wide indoor mask mandate

·       Sonoma – Since Oct. 21, this country had its mask mandate exception for fully vaccinated people in limited settings like schools, offices, and gyms, in place

·       San Mateo and Santa Clara – No change in guidance