Chris Pratt’s Bay Area Officer Brother Believed to Support Far-Right Extremist Group

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Sgt. Daniel Pratt, the brother of one of the lead actors of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Parks and Recreation,” Christ Pratt, is suspected of being a supporter of a far-right extremist group, some members of which are believed to have been present during the U.S. Capitol riot.

Also known as “Cully,” Sgt. Pratt is employed by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office. He was promoted to Sergeant-Sheriff last year. Prior to his promotion, Pratt was stationed as a public information officer.

Three Percenters Movement

As a hobby, Sgt. Pratt is known to create wood carvings, many of which portray his brother’s roles and several Bible verses. Chris spoke in praise of his brother at galas and other activities and advertised his products during interviews and on his own social media account.

An Open Vallejo investigation was the first to discover some of the intricate patterns that suggested Pratt was a supporter of the “Three Percenters movement.” One of these was a gift for his colleague, Sgt. Roy Stockton, which was a gun holder that had a militia group insignia on its top-left corner.

Open Vallejo said the hashtags #willnotcomply, which is a famous Second Amendment call to action, #3percenter, and #blackgunsmatter, a pro-gun, pro-militia riff on the Black Lives Matter campaign, were featured on Pratt’s Instagram post highlighting the rifle rack.

The Anti-Defamation League said the Three Percenters are an extremist militia group that was founded on the concept that a “globalist and socialist conspiracy” is underway to “strip Americans of their rights and freedoms, starting with their right to bear arms.”

The members of the group have voiced anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim viewpoints and have been accused of murder and acts of violence. A report confirmed last month that at least two of its members were part of the siege on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the San Francisco Gate reported.

Additionally, Pratt is not the only police officer that supports the group. Officials said at least two other personnel, including Stockton and Deputy Dale Matsouka, have openly expressed their agreement with the concept of the Three Percenters movement.

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