Civic Center BART Station Reopens in San Francisco after Robbery and Shooting Investigation

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San Francisco (CBS SF) reports, BART’S Station Civic Center in San Francisco was closed for an hour because of an SFPD robbery and shooting investigation that happened on Thursday afternoon. Train services and commuters were affected by the analysis.

About 3:15 in the afternoon, the transit agency provided their service advisory.

SFBARTalert tweeted, at 6:15 am, October 23, “There is a station closure at Civic Center due to police activity.”

BART authorities reported that all trains are turning back at Montgomery and 24th St Mission in both directions.

According to BART station spokeswoman Anna Duckworth, the closure was prompted by a San Francisco police analysis of a crime on the street level above the train station.

The possible robbery incident at gunpoint in the area was immediately reported to people via Citizen Application. Further reports, armed suspects fled into the station.

Just about 3 in the afternoon, San Francisco policemen confirmed the occurrence. Tenderloin Station officers immediately responded and moved into United Nations Plaza and 8th St. to investigate a reported shooting.

At the crime scene, police officials found a vehicle sustaining damages from gunfire. Officers also spoke with the robbery victim, thankfully, who did not sustain any injuries.

Public members are advised to avoid the places near the crime scene as the police officials were conducting their preliminary investigation into the shooting area. There are updates that three suspects are in custody for the robbery.

SF Muni service providers assist their passengers through mutual aid between Powell and 16th Street on bus lines 7, 9, and 9R on Market Street and 14, 14R, and 49 on Mission Street.

At 6:28 in the morning, October 23, SFBARTalert tweets that there is a station closure at Civic Center due to police investigation. Mutual aid is being offered from MUNI between Powel and 16th St Mission. Buses 7, 9, and 9R on Market and 14, 14 R and 49, on Mission Street.

In just a short time, before 4 pm, transit officials announced that passengers could ride with the train to all stations as services had resumed, except Civic Center.

511 SF Bay updates, “BART Civic Center / UN Plaza Station Remains Closed, Due to Police Activity. Trains are Running Through Civic Center Statin, But Not Stopping. Trains Resuming Normal service to all other San Francisco Stations. Bus Shuttles are Being Provided.”

The Civic Center remained closed for another 20 minutes and finally reopened shortly before 4:20 pm.

SFBARTalert tweets, “Civic Center station is open and normal service has been restored.

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