Committee formation for gender-neutral bathrooms in CA schools announced

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On Friday, state schools Superintendent Tony Thurmond made an announcement on the creation of a committee to form recommendations on gender-neutral bathrooms expansion on school campuses in California.

The committee that will be formed by Thurmond will include learners, campus staff, and important partners like Equality California, which will conceptualize ideas to make sure that these facilities are available in schools.

“We have to give our students all the support they need, including access to bathrooms they can use safely,” Thurmond said through his office statement.. “I have been inspired by the students who have advocated on this issue and want to give students the opportunity to be a part of finding the solutions.”

Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, was asked by the Superintendent to be the committee’s co-chair, KRON4 reported.

The safeschoolbathrooms@cde.ca.gov is open for anyone who wants to be part of the ad hoc committee.

Recently, at KVML “Newsmaker of the Day,” Thurmond also announced the incorporation of host programs and strategy meant to transform California schools education.

“The pandemic, as challenging as it has been, provided us the opportunity to sharply focus our work. Our students are resilient, but we need to recover and close the gaps and disproportionate impacts exacerbated especially on students of color,” Thurmond said. “Ironically, it is in this pandemic that we now have resources never seen before to address some of the biggest needs in education. I am grateful to the Governor, Legislature, and people of California for partnering with us and providing us with this incredible opportunity to make a change. Now that we have this support, I look forward to inviting California students and family members to share ideas on how to improve education in California and hear feedback from school leaders on how to support the smooth implementation of these programs for California schools.”

The transformation revolved around a $3 billion programs and community schools strategy that will implement the following, among others, as reported by myMOTHERLODE.com:

-universal meals for all students

-universal transitional kindergarten for every child aged 4

-universal expanded learning programs

-$10 million anti-racism training grant

-$1.5 billion dollar strategy for faculty development.