Court Records Disclose DEA Snatching 13 Pounds of Meth and 31 Pounds of Cocaine in Bay Area Inspections

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Pounds of Meth and Cocaine Retrieved from Bay Area Drug Trafficking Operations

Based on court records filed recently, the Drug Enforcement Administration snatched at least 13 pounds of cocaine and 31 pounds of methamphetamine from the Bay Area narcotics trafficking investigations in April and June. The DEA also revealed that the said drugs are part of the illegal smuggling deals happening in the north of Southern California. 

One case investigates the allegations of illegal meth distribution to three individuals, while a similar instance involves charging five people related to a cocaine trafficking syndicate. According to criminal complaints of the previously mentioned indictments, both cases include operatives stopping multi-pound shipments of illegal drugs from Los Angeles to their Bay Area destination.

At Santa Maria’s Highway 101, California Highway Patrol officers conducted a drug busting operation last April and retrieved 11 pounds of cocaine from the traffic stop. According to DEA agents, a day before the drug interception, the driver acted as a courier who collected the kilogram-sized shipments in Santa Ana meant for getting them delivered out of the state. Meanwhile, Hayward cops halted a six-pound shipment from Los Angeles and seized two pounds of the previously mentioned narcotics.

In the methamphetamine investigations, CHP agents arrested a San Jose man who allegedly comes from Long Beach delivers at least 25 pounds of cocaine to nearby areas. Based on the complaint filed for the case, CHP officers saw the suspect going out of a room carrying a suspicious large duffel bag. Additionally, the operatives followed the man a day before his arrest, locating his whereabouts at Long Beach’s Motel 6.

October Meth Case Details

Last October, another drug suspect got apprehended by authorities after a home busting operation took place inside his residence. The arrested defendant is also related to the methamphetamine case as investigators believed that he ordered the 25 pounds of cocaine snatched earlier by CHP officers in Long Beach. The accused, a Redwood City male resident, got caught doing wiretapped calls talking about drug transactions. After a search mission conducted in his home, the DEA obtained two pistols and six pounds of meth.

Inland Empire’s Largest Meth Seizure Operations

Multiple other drug raids got conducted by the DFA in several parts of California. On October 14, federal authorities reported successful drug busting operations all over the Inland Empire. According to official records, the said narcotics trafficking stop operation is the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s history’s biggest domestic methamphetamine retrievals. 

On October 2, the DEA’s Operation Crystal Shield mission aimed to raid several residences found in Riverside County’s Perris and Moreno Valley. DEA agents snatched about 13 pounds of heroin, 900 pounds of cocaine, and 224 pounds of meth from the search-and-bust operations. DEA’s acting administrator Timothy J. Shea noted that the association’s retrieved amounts of narcotics are too massive. Additionally, Shea stressed that the total stocks are enough to provide a dose of meth for every Mexico’s and United States’ residing child, man, and woman.

According to authorities, the drug operation’s center point is Los Angeles. A drug syndicate from the Mexican state of Sinaloa ties to the narcotics activities involving their delivery and dispensation of large amounts of meth and cocaine in Southern California. Soon after, the drug trafficking affairs extended its reach throughout the rest of the state. 

DEA agent William Bodner acknowledged the details of the drug trafficking case. According to Bodner, drug dealers often make illegal transactions in the municipality due to its larger and broader area perimeters, making it easier for them to blend with innocent civilians. Moreover, Bodner added that there are countless parcel hub centers and freeways located across the country throughout the United States, which works in favor of illegal transactors to distribute and sell pounds of drugs to neighboring parts.