Court sentences Robert Durst to life imprisonment

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On Thursday, New York millionaire Robert Durst was sentenced to life imprisonment over the killing of his best friend over a couple of decades ago.

The sentence will not accept any parole from the condemned.

Last month, the Los Angeles Superior Court has convicted the real estate heir, 78, of first-degree murder for a crime in December 2000 involving Susan Berman, who was shot by Durst in the back of her head at her home.

The mystery of her death remained among family and acquaintances for 15 years. Not until 2015 when the millionaire badly thought of cooperating in a documentary that found fresh evidence on the crime, which eventually secured the confession of Durst.

The death of his victim had her family longing for her creativity, love, and her fondness of adventures.

“It has been a daily, soul consuming and crushing experience,” Sareb Kaufman, who considered Berman as his mother, said. “I’ve lost everything many times over because of him.”

No words were heard from Durst who is in a wheelchair and had to pile medical concerns. When he entered the courtroom, he maintained his eyes open, with an unresponsive stare. He barely glimpsed over at Kaufman along with Berman’s cousins who gave their statements that day.

The millionaire prevented Berman from revealing what he did when her wife’s disappearance case was investigated again in 1982, according to prosecutors.

When Kathie Durst disappeared, Berman gave a deceiving alibi for his best friend, Durst.

The real estate heir, in his testimony, said he killed no woman. In cross-examination, however, he said he would tell a lie if he had.

Furthermore, evidence was also released by the prosecutors on another case in 2001 in Galveston, Texas where Durst intentionally murdered a neighbor. He, however, was acquitted as he argued that he killed the victim in self-defense, AP News reported.

An appeal is being planned by the millionaire’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, but shared no other details when the sentence was released.