COVID-19 confirmed cases move game sched of Cal-USC

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A series of positive virus tests in the Golden Bears program postponed California vs. Southern California game on Tuesday, marking the very first main college football game to be moved this season due to the infectious disease.

Last week, Cal played at Arizona but without beginning quarterback, Chase Garbers along with six other starters as 24 players and assistant coaches have been affected by the virus. Arizona won against the Bears with a score 10-3, SFGATE reported.

There are a few more players who have tested positive for the disease this week, as announced by Cal on Tuesday. It has left insufficient players at unidentified position groups thus the postponement of the game.

“It left us with an inability to compete safely,” Jim Knowlton, an athletic director said. Knowlton said it led to a “difficult decision” to have the game rescheduled.

Coach Justin Wilcox said there is no other option but to reschedule the game, as he sounded dismayed for the fans and the players.

“Postponing this game was a last resort and not an action any of us wanted to take; however, it was not possible for us to field a team on Saturday,” he said.

Under the Pac-12 rules, the game could have been called a forfeit but both the teams agreed for it to be rescheduled to Dec. 4 which happened to be a day following the Pac-12 championship match.

The game could have been declared a forfeit under Pac-12 rules, but Cal and USC “We’re excited that both USC and Cal could agree that we still want to play this game,” Knowlton said. “We want to do it for our student-athletes. It’s really important because it’s our last home game and it gives us a chance to celebrate our seniors.”

Cal is expected to continue its practice next week, Knowlton said, and to compete against Stanford at the Big Game on Nov. 20.