Cowboys Prescott gives ‘credit’ to fans who threw objects at refs after losing game to 49ers

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Fans were seen in a video posted by NFL Network reporter Jane Slater as they threw stuff at referees going out the stadium after a partly-controversial playoff between the San Francisco 49ers’ and Dallas Cowboys, 23-17, in Arlington, Texas, SFGATE reported.

DeMarcus Lawrence, Cowboys defensive lineman who was openly trailing a pool of officials was spotted hitting a plastic bottle that passed the officials with his headgear.

“That s–t was aimed at the refs,” he told the Dallas Morning News’ Calvin Watkins. “…It had nothing to do with me.”

Throwing things is a violation of the AT&T Stadium code of conduct as well as the general human code of conduct. But this did not hinder Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to recognize the fans who threw objects.

When asked by a reporter about his comment on fans throwing bottles on the field, Prescott said: “I didn’t see that, that’s sad.”

“You’re talking about a team, about men that come out each and every day of their lives and give everything to the sport, everything to this game of football. Nobody wants to succeed more than we want to succeed. I understand fans and the word ‘fanatic,’ I get that, but to know everything we put into this day in and day out, try our hardest. Nobody comes into the game wanting or expecting to lose. For people to react that way when you’re supposed to be a supporter and be with us through thick and thin — that’s tough,” he added.

Another reporter mentioned that the fans are thought to be aiming at the referees.

“Credit to them then,” Prescott said. “Credit to them.”

“The fans felt the same way as us,” he added. “I guess that’s why the refs took off and got out of there so fast. I think everybody is upset with the way this thing played out.”

Experts and ex-players evaluated the NFC Wild Card affair aftermath on Monday morning. Joining them was Kevin Wildes, FOX Sports ‘First Things First’ co-host.

“The Cowboys have been blaming the refs all year,” he said. “… And now Dak basically co-signed [fans throwing items at the refs]. This is a mentally of a losing football team, when you don’t take accountability. It’s one of the reasons why Dallas is mired in mediocrity.”

The 49ers’ victory brings them to the NFC divisional round on Saturday.