“Cringe”, cheap ad supporting SF recall shamed on Twitter

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Humiliation surrounds an unusual, 3-minute campaign commercial on Twitter that supports the San Francisco school board recall, scheduled for Feb. 15.

Recall SF School Board has posted the ad on the social media platform on Tuesday.

The said group initiated the charge against President Gabriela Lopes, current Vice President Faauuga Moliga, as well as ex-Vice President Alison Collins.

Autumn Looijen and Siva Raj were featured as campaign leads, along with another one called “Gaybraham Lincoln.”

“Campaign HQ” became the venue of the ad with “Gaybraham Lincoln”, speaking in a British accent, rejoicing with San Francisco Mayor London Breed and state Sen. Scott Weiner’s endorsement. The personality was accompanied by Looijen and Raj, who, at the end of the ad, spoke against a local Democratic organization for being “anti-Asian.”

“We let political clubs know they will be seen as anti-parent, anti-Asian if they stand behind these commissioners,” the account said through the social media platform.

But the short video seemed to turn out a shame for its “cringe”, cheap aesthetic, as well as the odd attire and exaggeration for Lincoln, called by some as homophobic.

In the replies section, recall supporters did not pay attention to the cameo from “Gaybraham.”


Raj, who admitted that he is bisexual, emailed SFGATE to defend the ad, saying that the individual who acted as Lincoln is David Thomson, a “gay parent rightly upset that the school board prioritized renaming “This is possibly the most cringe thing we have ever seen,” one Twitter poster said.

“You’re going to turn off voters who might otherwise join you,” another added.

District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston was among the people who criticized the video.

“I don’t often share the offensive propaganda of campaigns I disagree with, but this one is worth sharing because it does more harm than good to their cause,” Preston on Wednesday wrote. “I don’t see how anyone can watch this video & trust this VC funded campaign over our city’s educators.”