Cruise car drives into SF construction site

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A traffic incident caused by a driverless Cruise car happened again on Wednesday. 

A video uploaded on X shows the car driving through the construction site and into the wrong side of the yellow line. 

Two San Francisco Police Department officers followed the car. 

The witness wrote on Twitter, “Watched a self-driving car freeze in a Mission Street intersection this morning. Then (the car) eventually abandon its otherwise safe left turn to drive into a construction site on the wrong side of the road. Police resources then get spent figuring out what the hell to do about it.”

Cruise and Waymo’s driverless cars are “baffled” by construction sites, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency officials told the press.

According to city transportation officials, when a car’s self-driving technology becomes confused, the car simply stops and turns on its hazard lights. It doesn’t move until an employee intercepts. 

Cruise company spokesperson Drew Pusateri wrote about the incident.

“Our cars are designed to detect human-controlled traffic and construction zones, but like human drivers, don’t do so perfectly in every case. We are always working on making improvements.”


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