Customer who left a $1, 000 tip for restaurant’s staff in Panama lauded online

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What a great feeling it is to leave a mark on someone’s life.

This was realized by the kitchen staff working at a casual fine dining restaurant when a kind-hearted customer left them with a $1, 000 tip.

On Friday, the photo of the receipt was posted on Facebook by a restaurant based in Panama City Beach in Florida.

“Why do I love this business? First, I love my staff!  Second, I love the fact that you never know what will happen from night to night,” the post said. “This incredible guest wanted to make sure the men and women on the cooking line got taken care of!”

“It’s been a long, hard summer for the staff in the kitchen.  It’s nice to know some folks out there appreciate them!,” it continued.

The receipt showing the generous customer’s tip was dated Wednesday, August 4.

The customer made the payment at 6:24 EST for their bill worth $258.66.

Fox News asked for comment from the establishment but its representatives have not responded immediately.

Featuring a heart-moving gesture, the Facebook post effortlessly gathered 1, 4000 stickers. Facebook users also flooded the post with 100 comments and shares.

“That is so awesome,” said one commenter. “There are some great people out there for sure!”

“Thank you incredible guest for such a generous and kind way to recognize everyone, especially behind the scenes,” another Facebook user said.

Out of concern, one Facebook user asked that maybe the server had been overlooked with the kitchen staff being tipped. The dining establishment cleared this by saying that “the server was well taken care of as well.”

“The guest wanted her to split it with the kitchen crew,” the restaurant added, as reported by FOX News.

Firefly, a restaurant that is reportedly known for steak, sushi, and seafood, can be found at 535 N Richard Jackson Blvd.