‘Destructive device’ found inside San Jose facility: police

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One man is arrested after a destructive device-making facility was discovered on Monday. 

According to the San Jose Police Department, officers responded at around 4:17 a.m. to a commercial burglary in the 1200 block of Old Bayshore Highway. 

When the burglary was reported, police performed a security sweep of the building and discovered a destructive device manufacturing operation. 

Law enforcement officials said the explosives they found are more powerful than fireworks and are enough to level an entire building. 

The primary suspect was identified as Adam Mirassou of San Jose. 

Search warrants were executed for Mirassou’s business and residence, where they found more than a hundred pounds of precursor explosive-making materials, assembly equipment, and completed explosives.

Police said the explosive manufacturing has been going on for some time and that the devices were possibly made for distribution. 

Mirassou was later arrested at his home without incident. 

“Had we not discovered that and had there been an accidental fire, it very likely could have leveled the entire building,” a San Jose PD spokesperson said.

Police added that the explosives were two to three times stronger than what the military uses to simulate artillery fire. 

Mirassou is facing felony charges related to the manufacturing and storage of destructive devices.


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