Dolores Heights business reports two break-ins in two days

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A Dolores Heights business owner is in “break-in fatigue” after reporting two separate break-ins in just two days.

Dolores Deluxe, located on 22nd Street in San Francisco, was founded in 1911. 

The owner first saw a broken window on Friday morning. They posted on their store’s social media page to share their thoughts. 

“It happened again,” the owner wrote on Facebook Friday morning after the first incident. The owners said a few hours after the business opened, someone picked up a rock and smashed it through the shop’s security glass windows. The rock damaged display tables and a reach-in refrigerator and showered the shop with shards of glass. The suspect also stole bottles of alcohol.

The shop then faced another break-in on Saturday morning. According to the owner, the same suspect used a brick to enter the Dolores side of the store and stole a few bananas. 

The owner said the suspect is currently detained by San Francisco police in connection to another incident. 

“These sorts of break-ins have become and expected cost of doing business in San Francisco…We are open for business, and look forward to serving our neighborhood with pride and good humor – like we would on any other day.” — Dolores Deluxe

The owners told the press that they tried to ignore the issues of crimes targetting businesses in the community, but after experiencing it twice, they had a change of heart. 

They call the incidents “unfortunate but all-too-common,” and that these “violations” take the pleasure out of living in the community with one another. 

“We are still tallying up the damage, but seeing as this is our second time going through this sort of violation, we aren’t expecting much help from the city, police department or our insurance company,” the owner said.


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