Domestic battery charges lead to arrest of former city manager in Fremont

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Two weeks before his exit, an ex-city manager in Fremont was arrested for false imprisonment and domestic battery, the San Francisco police said.

The former manager filed his resignation abruptly last month.

52-year-old Mark Danaj was arrested by officers on Sept. 15 in the South Marker neighborhood, San Francisco, particularly on the 300 block of Fremont Street, and was booked into San Francisco County Jail. The San Jose Mercury News first carried the story.

No immediate comment was provided by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office spokesperson.

The suspect’s resignation was accepted by the Fremont City Council on Sept. 28 during a special closed-session meeting. Danaj’s final day at work was set Sept. 30.

“It has been my honor to serve the City Council, employees and residents of Fremont,” the former city manager said upon filing his resignation.

His legal representative, Attorney Alison Berry Wilkinson, refused to give a statement on his resignation or the charges against him.

Mayor Lily Mei expressed her gratitude for Danaj through a public statement. She noted the ex-city manager’s “dedicated service” as well as his service as assistant city manager before his manager position. Included in the separation agreement between Danaj and the city are $50, 000 in unused leave credit; $242, 292 severance pay; and a monthly $2, 350 from November to July next year for health benefit premiums payment.

“Mark has led the City through several major milestones this past 18 months as we navigated through an unprecedented historical pandemic,” Mei said. “Through its strong leadership team, Fremont is well positioned to move forward and maintain its track record of stability. I wish Mark all the best.”

Danaj’s attorney noted that the city and his client’s agreement is confidential. He, however, revealed that Danaj has reached out to every city council member and the mayor to clear the air before his resignation, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

He was replaced by Assistant City Manager Brian Stott in the position. Stott was appointed by the city and is in the post temporarily.