Domestic violence call ends in police busting a ‘gun factory’ in San Jose home

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San Jose police officers responded to a domestic violence call but discovered a criminal operation in a San Jose home Tuesday. 

SJPD officers received a domestic violence call on Tuesday afternoon on the 1000 block of Malott Drive, near Highway 101 and Tully Road. 

According to police, the suspect allegedly strangled the victim and threatened her with a firearm. Later, it was revealed that the suspect had multiple firearms registered under his name. 

When officers arrived at the scene, the suspect was taken into custody. 

During the sweep inside the residence, officers discovered what appeared to be a firearm assembling and manufacturing operation. They executed a search warrant and found cache of firearms, parts, tools, and machine parts. 

“Inside of the residence, what was quickly discovered, was a cache of firearms in various stage – from completed firearms to many more that were in the process of being constructed and put together,” Sgt. Christian Camarillo said. “We’re estimating that between the manufactured completed firearms and the ones that were in process – there were over 100 firearms in this residence.”

Gary Redeker, 41, was taken into custody as a result of the incident. He was transported to the hospital because of injuries from his arrest but will be booked for numerous weapon violations, felony domestic violence, and assault with a deadly weapon, upon his release. 

Gary Redeker of San Jose is facing domestic violence and multiple weapons charges following a domestic violence call to his residence on September 20, 2022.

“I’m sure there are many more charges coming for the suspect besides the fact that he was a violent, armed, domestic abuser,” Camarillo said. “This is essentially a gun factory in this residence.”

According to Camarillo, the suspect has an engineering background and ran an intricate operation.

“He was doing very precise measurements, mechanical engineering, et cetera,” Camarillo said. “What was interesting with this particular suspect, is, because of his engineering background, he was actually taking it to another level. He was actually milling firearm parts, including barrels, which is not something that we have seen.”

People can build and own certain kinds of guns, as long as they are registered. According to Camarillo, some of the guns found at the scene had serial numbers on them. However, police believe he was illegally selling firearms. 

“Based on the statements that we received and some of the evidence that was recovered, we fully believe that he was engaged in selling firearms,” Camarillo said.

“He is not a licensed firearm dealer. He was not doing background checks. We don’t know how many prohibited persons ended up with firearms from this suspect.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident or any other similar incidents is urged to contact Detective Herman #4321 of the San José Police Department’s Family Violence Unit via e-mail 4321@sanjoseca.gov or call (408) 277-3835.