Drive-By Shooting Suspect Who Injured Firefighter, Paramedic, Believed to be Responsible for Murder

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A suspect in a recent drive-by shooting has also been accused of murdering a man who was found shot to death in a home. 

Darryon Williams, 26, was arrested in Richmond late Saturday after he shot and wounded a firefighter and a paramedic in Antioch, California. The victims suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

Drive-by Shooting

Police officers chased after the suspect on Saturday while also searching for his son and the boy’s mother, who are believed to be at risk.

While responding to a call in Antioch, one firefighter and one paramedic receive wounds from gunshots during the incident. Medical professionals said the two victims would recover properly.

Authorities said police officers chased down Williams’ vehicle and took him into custody afterward. Officers later investigated a nearby home where they discovered the dead body of Michael Iliff, 64, filled with gunshot wounds.

Officers identified Williams as a suspect in the death of Iliff. The suspect was questioned and placed into jail on $11 million bail. However, it is not known if Williams has an attorney who could represent him.

The sheriff’s office was also searching for Williams’ son, 4, and the boy’s mother, Kimberly Meeks, 31, arguing their safety may be in jeopardy.

On Saturday night, a man was believed to have driven around twice by a restaurant where another individual was asking for assistance. The gunman then shot at civilians before fleeing away in his vehicle.

Authorities later captured the suspect after a high-speed chase resulted in a crash. Several photos of the incident released by Antioch police showed a patrol vehicle and an ambulance filled with bullet holes, ABC News reported.

One fire official said they were always aware of the possibilities of dangerous incidents such as the drive-by shooting. “Things can always happen at any scene. I believe this is our first incident where a firefighter has actually been struck by a bullet,” Contra Costa fire Capt. Joe Ottolini said.

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