Driver crashes car leaving 1 dead and 1 severely injured, suspect escapes

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One person is killed after a police chase in Vallejo led to a car crash. 

According to the Vallejo Police Department, the person being chased fled the scene before officers arrived. They remain at large. 

At around 5:35 p.m., VPD officers spotted a Toyota Avalon that matched the description of a car involved in multiple armed robberies. Police approached the car in Tennessee Street and Tuolumne Street, but it sped away. 

VPD said the driver was ignoring traffic lights and stop signs. A pursuit commenced but police lost sight of the car. 

Seconds later, another police unit saw the car speeding westbound and weaving in and out of traffic. Officers turned to follow it. 

Shortly after, they saw a large cloud of debris and dust near Springs Road and Tregaskis Avenue. Police arrived at the scene and found the Avalon had crashed into two other cars.  

The driver of one car died on the spot, and the driver of the Avalon fled on foot. 

Inside the Avalon, officers found a loaded gun and a severely injured female passenger. 

The police department is working to identify the driver of the Avalon. Anyone with information is asked to contact VPD’s Corporal Kenneth Trimble by phone at (707) 648-4011, or by email at Kenneth.trimble@cityofvallejo.net.


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