DUI father arrested after crashing with toddler in car

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A Bay Area dad is facing charges after he drunkenly crashed a car in San Martin while his young daughter was inside the vehicle. 

According to Morgan Hill police officers, they were flagged down by a mother who was desperate for help. 

The mother said she heard her toddler crying in pain over the phone and she wasn’t sure what happened. She explained that the toddler was with the toddler’s father. 

The mother tried to contact the father over the phone, but couldn’t get a hold of him. Instead, a stranger answered the phone and provided a location in San Martin where the father crashed his car.

“At that point, officers still weren’t sure what was happening,” but Morgan Hill Police Department officers immediately responded to the crash scene, MHPD wrote.

“Officer Granado was first on scene and found a crashed car and a bloodied dad standing outside the vehicle. Two women were standing by with the toddler,” police wrote.

“Officer Granado’s first concern was the child, so he exited his vehicle to first check on her. As he did, DUI Dad got back into his vehicle and drove it straight into Officer Granado’s patrol car,” police wrote.

After the second crash, the father was arrested and booked into a Santa Clara County Jail on charges of Driving Under the Influence, child endangerment, and assault.

The toddler was reunited with her mother and was physically OK, police said.

“Do not drink and drive,” police wrote.


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