Eagles were not confrontational over the Week 17 QB switch, says Jason Kelce on Doug Pederson

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Photo from Philadelphia Eagles Website

Doug Pederson’s decision to pull back quarterback Jalen Hurts during Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 17 game against Washington Football team has been met with plenty of criticism, accused of tanking for a  better 2021 draft pick. Longtime center, Jason Kelce however has been reportedly denying said reports of players supposedly confronting Pederson about it. 

Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer, says that reporters were held back from approaching the coach to which Kelce denies ever happening. 

Kelce continues on to clarify on Instagram that apparently, Pederson switched Hurts out for Nate Sudfeld, as Pederson thinks that Sudfeld has ‘earned the right to play’.

He also goes on to ask if everyone else apart from Hurts is staying in, to which Pederson gives his confirmation. Apparently beforehand, Sudfeld was told to be ready to play as Pederson wanted to know what he could handle.

Sudfeld’s teammates were also excited for him, seeing as he has been in the team for four years, and this being his first opportunity to show what he’s got. 

Kelce also explains why Sudfeld has been in the team for so long, owing to the fact that his teammates think he is a reliable player, to which they have the possibility to win with. Kelce then further clarifies that despite the move being surprising to them all, it was made with Hurts in mind too, and that they ‘believe (they) can win with Nate Sudfeld.’