Early Morning Stolen Car Crash Kills Juvenile in San Jose

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San Jose Car Crash Reports One Dead, Three Injured

On early Sunday morning, the San Jose police department reported a single-vehicle car crash of a stolen car. Official accounts regarding the incident revealed the death of a female juvenile who was there at the scene. Three other teenagers also got injured from the car crash.

The police department stated that at 3:10 a.m. on Sunday, they received multiple 911 calls concerning a car crash occurring between the King and Story Road areas. As several cops arrived at the scene, a grey 2013 Honda Accord slammed on a nearby light pole and tree.

The identified victims consist of two females and two males, bringing a total of four people involved in the occurrence.

One female victim was declared by paramedics and police as dead at the spot. However, the remaining three juveniles were transferred to the nearest local hospital for immediate treatment of their injuries.

As of the latest updates, one of the male teenagers received severe life-threatening wounds. The remaining two victims are currently recovering from extensive repercussions. 

According to a records check conducted by the police, the Honda turned out to be a stolen vehicle. The registration accounts revealed that the car was hijacked somewhere in the Mountain View area. 

The Sant Clara County Coroner’s Office is still in the process of confirming the deceased victim’s identity and contacting her relatives about the incident. Moreover, authorities assured the public that they would release the dead female teenager’s details after their investigation comes to a close. As of 2020, the said juvenile death marks the state’s 43rd fatal traffic collision within the year.

Initial case inspections concluded no primary suspects for the collision occurrence. Despite no leads pointing to the involved culprit, the Santa Clara County Attorney’s Office would continue its investigations to find the suspect and file appropriate criminal charges.

People holding vital information related to the incident may contact the San Jose Police Department’s Traffic Investigations Unit Detective Malvido via hotline 408-277-4654. People who can provide tips could ask investigators to keep their identities anonymous to the public.

Suspect in San Jose Car Crash Taken Into Custody by the Police

Following the reported car crash incident in San Jose last Sunday morning, authorities declared that they have managed to identify the incident’s suspect and locate his whereabouts on Monday.

The Santa Clara County Police Department has identified the suspect as 18-year-old Jose Martinez. The official case summary details Martinez crashing into the stolen vehicle at 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, killing one passenger inside in the process. Martinez quickly fled from the scene, seconds after the crash happened.

On late Sunday, police officers issued an arrest warrant against Martinez and took him into custody for additional questioning from case investigators. If proven guilty, the suspect would receive filed charges of hit-and-run and manslaughter by the county’s police department.

The county’s police department spokesman Sgt. Christian Camarillo revealed that Martinez is the stolen vehicle’s fifth occupant in a press conference. According to him, Martinez was the one who reportedly drove the car and crashed it near King and Story Roads on the wee hours of Sunday morning.  

Despite the identification of the incident’s suspect, inspectors continue their investigations of the case to see if there are still additional people involved in the car crash. Furthermore, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office admitted that they would resume investigations in determining additional criminal charges from the event.

The car crash incident in San Jose recorded four juveniles harmed from the occurrence. Out of the three victims, the police declared the death of one female teenager and has yet to reveal her name and other identifying details to the public. The three remaining sufferers currently remain in local hospitals to recover from their obtained wounds and injuries.