Ed Buck, Democratic mega-donor, accused for drug use, “sex play”

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Prosecutors this week claimed that political Donor Ed Buck invited men to his residence to feed his “party and play” desires, at times drugging them with methamphetamine through injections.

On Wednesday, the 66-year-old donor was accused in Los Angeles court for his fetish on “party and play” scenarios. Buck faced trial as he was being suspected of giving deadly drug doses to men, operating a drug unit, and luring some people to go to other places for prostitution purposes.

“The party is the drugs, the play is the sex. If they didn’t party, he wasn’t interested,” said Assistant US Attorney Chelsea Norell, as reported by CBS LA.

Buck had a “fetish” for giving money to black men he connects with online to use meth, prosecutors said.

“Buck’s preference was to personally inject victims, and he pressured or incentivized victims to let him do so, sometimes offering large cash bonuses to coerce a victim to agree to an injection or additional injections,” prosecutors said as written in court documents. “Other times, Buck simply injected victims while they were unconscious.”

Buck was suspected to have drugged Gemmel Moore, 26, who was overdosed with meth in July 2017 at his West Hollywood apartment.

Another victim, the 55-year-old Timothy Dean was also allegedly given deadly drug doses by Buck. Dean died 18 months later.

In its defense, Buck’s lawyers said all of the drugged men came into the donor’s home voluntarily. Moore and Dean, they claimed, have not died from methamphetamine.

“Many of them appeared to be drug addicts by their own admission,” lawyer Ludlow B. Creary II said. “They were living according to their lifestyle, and Ed Buck did not create their lifestyle,” FOX News reported.

Nine felonies are up against Buck who can possibly be detained if convicted.

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