Evacuation warning looms in portions of Lake Tahoe with Caldor Fire’s threat

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As of Wednesday evening, the Cal Fire said the Caldor Fire has threatened the South Lake Tahoe region and has already damaged a total of 126, 566 acres.

It furthered that the spot fire that started at the north of Highway 50 on Saturday threw one more fire which spread to 700 acres, with now a total of 2, 100 acres for both spot fires.

Cal Fire Incident Commander Dusty Martin said that the next two days will be considered as “very critical days for this fire”.

“You’re going to see a lot of smoke in the air. You’re going to see a lot of firefighting equipment moving around. … There will be technical fire operations on both the west and east side so you will see smoke and equipment, all working together to bring this fire to an end. There will be opportunities for solid successes,” he said.

Officials in a community briefing on Tuesday evening said that an evacuation warning can be called on some areas of the Lake South Tahoe region if the current evacuation warning near Echo Summit turns into an evacuation order.

“If it goes into an evacuation order, there will be a warning for some portion the South Lake Tahoe basin,” El Dorado County sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Eric Palmberg, said. “I don’t have the information on where exactly where that will be, but ultimately that will be the trigger.”

“We are in meetings continuously throughout the day assessing the fire and assessing evacuation needs,” he said. “We have systems in place, the entire South Lake Tahoe basin, we have been in discussions with law enforcement, with fire personnel. There is plenty of planning. We’re going to keep the community safe. That is our job, let us worry about it. You’re going to be informed well when it is time to do so.”

The Caldor Fire, which has been burning since Aug. 14, has already devoured a total of 136, 182 acres. It is at 11% containment while its cause is still undetermined, SFGate reported.

The Lake Tahoe area has been suffering from the smoke it gives off. This week, air quality readings surpass 500, which is considered above the levels classified by the Air Quality Index.