Ex-SJPD officer who allegedly masturbated at a crime scene arrested for hit and run

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A police officer who was fired from the San Jose Police Department last year is now arrested. 

On November 17, ex-SJPD Officer Matthew Dominguez was arrested by his old co-workers in connection to a hit-and-run crash. 

A police department spokesperson told the press, “Mr. Dominguez was arrested for allegations of assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, and failure to yield to a peace officer.”

According to Santa Clara County jail inmate records, Dominguez, 33, is locked behind bars as of Tuesday afternoon with a $105,000 bail. 

He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday. 

In 2022, Dominguez was fired from the police department after crime victims came forward with allegations. 

The family told SJPD that Dominguez and two other officers responded to their 911 call for a mentally ill family member. 

Dominguez was alone in a room with a mother and her 23-year-old daughter when he allegedly unzipped his pants and began masturbating in front of them. 

“Officer Dominguez took interest in (the daughter),” prosecutors wrote in court documents. “(The mother) saw Officer Dominguez unzip his pants, place his hand inside his zipper and began rubbing his crotch. Simultaneously, the daughter saw him rubbing his crotch area,” prosecutors wrote.

The two women fled from the house.

SJPD arrested Dominguez on suspicion of indecent exposure and placed him on administrative leave. 

A police department spokesperson told the press, “Former employee Matthew Dominguez has not been employed with the city of San Jose since August of 2022.”

Police declined to release more information on Tuesday about what led up to Dominguez’s most recent arrest. It’s unclear where the hit-and-run collision occurred.

SJPD wrote, “That is all the shareable information we have at this time. The investigation is open and ongoing.”


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