Fashion Queen Nastia Liukin cheers Tokyo Olympics with her style

2 mins read

The Tokyo Olympics have gathered several people for the sports, but some keep posted on all the fashion being given out.

NBC’s primetime coverage has provided Americans the chance to see events they missed as most of it happens early mornings, United States time. The leading broadcasters in the networks are also appreciated for bringing the latest updates on the Olympics.

The attention is focused on the women’s gymnastics team headed by ex-Team US member Simone Biles and US Olympic Hall of Fame member Nastia Liukin, 31.

The “fashion queen”, who was declared all-around champion in 2018, did not come to compete this year but has brought her style and unique outfits that sent social media users into a craze.

“The fashion queen has arrived,” according to the official Olympics Twitter account last July 19. “Who’s ready for @NastiaLiukin’s looks during the #TokyoOlympics?” Liukin, in a photo, was seen wearing a lavender ensemble that exuded comfort and style.

It has been a week since the fashion queen set foot in Tokyo but she already flaunted several bold and bright outfits that range from pink power suits to purple bell-bottom pants.

More unique outfits are expected from her as the gymnastics events are scheduled until August 3.

Liukin has pleased several social media users who took to Twitter their love for her — an ex-gymnast who made the Olympics her runway, USA Today reported.

Despite all the love, not all are amused by her looks as there were some who raised their eyebrows on her fashion style.