Sorry, not sorry we had to say it.

Yesterday, Marshawn Lynch, a.k.a. Beast Mode, was seen doing a good deed ahead of Thanksgiving.

The former NFL running back and his foundation, Fam1st Family, gave 200 free turkeys to Hawaiians in their cars ahead of the holiday.

The five-time Pro Bowl selection also worked with other organizations and supermarkets to help distribute the food.

He can be seen in this video walking from car to car, passing out turkeys to anyone who wants one.

At one point in the video, Lynch looks like he’s going to throw a turkey like a football. Thankfully, he just handed it off…I don’t know where that reggae music is coming from, but it’s perfect for this video.

And while we’re on the topic of islands, did anyone else know that Marshawn Lynch was a Hawaiian resident? I didn’t.

Lynch’s act of charity comes as food insecurity accelerates as the raging pandemic and economic recession rolls on. A recent report published in the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution found “almost 10 percent of parents of young children — those who only have children between the ages of zero and five — report that their kids do not have sufficient food and they lack the resources to purchase more.” A Thanksgiving meal will be harder to find for a growing number of hungry americans.

During the course of the pandemic, other athletes have stepped up this year to fight hunger including Colin Kaepernick, who helped donate 4,500 Impossible meat patties to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

In the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, it shouldn’t be sports stars who are feeding the hungry. Nevertheless, athletes should be applauded when they do.

Lynch did something positive for his community yesterday. Here’s to Beast Mode and other selfless folks like him.

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