Filipino Family Stalked, Robbed at Gunpoint in Driveway

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One Filipino family residing in Concord was allegedly stalked home and robbed at gunpoint by an unknown individual on Sunday, the most recent in a string of violent crimes targeting the Asian community in the United States.

Anti-Asian Crime

Video footage of the incident showed an unidentified man getting out of a black sedan parked in the middle of the road. Officials said the individual conducted the crime on Sunday afternoon and was wearing a black balaclava, a black sweater, and track pants at the time.

The recording showed the man approach the 56-year-old Filipino man who appeared to have just gotten out of his white van. Later, the suspect could be seen cocking his gun at the man, demanding to give him his watch. After getting the item, the suspect immediately entered his vehicle and fled the scene.

Authorities believe the suspect followed the victim and his family to their home after they had lunch in Walnut Creek. It was a fortunate thing that the victim was not injured during the confrontation, the San Francisco Gate reported.

The victim’s son, Lawrence Cruz, said in an interview that violent attacks targeting the Asian community were not something they previously feared. “I told my mom and my whole family to make sure you’re not being followed. It’s kind of crazy in our neighborhood, in our area,” he said.

Danielle Joyce Ong

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