Food stars born real quick. Thanks to TikTok!

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A 19-year-old TikTok star, Eitan Bernath, keeps his 1.6 million followers entertained by posting content videos since 2019. Bernath is just like the online personalities in his generation, as he also learned cooking meals through watching videos from YouTube and the Food Network. He features his menus in Instagram which under no circumstances became popular.

But within a day of posting his first Tiktok video, Bernath gained tens of thousands of followers.

The gentleman from Generation Z, keeping his clear, approachable behaviour, began imparting quick, easy-to-do food that kitchen first-timers and teenagers can do on their own.

“TikTok is the biggest thing that happened to me in my career, and honestly the reason why I am where I am today,” Bernath said.

When TikTok was unveiled in America in 2018, it already started spreading everywhere else in the globe. While it features lip syncs and dance videos, content on dish and food preparation started becoming a hit early last year. Tens of millions of online individuals found themselves settled on the videos during the quarantine period.

A total of 25.2 billion views were gathered by videos with hashtag #TikTokFood as the application became the avenue for dishes to become viral, such as the whipped coffee and the “TikTok pasta” which is mainly a pasta recipe with tomatoes and baked feta. An Oreo cake using just three ingredients alone has generated views of more than 42.1 million.

The app has given way to a new generation of cooking enthusiasts who did not invest much time and skills learning to come up with dishes. Sometimes, they imitate recipes they saw online rather than creating their own version; easily making them online stars.

“The thing that makes TikTok outstanding compared to any other platform is the speed of scale,” head of media and leisure a development technique agency, Eunice Shin, said. “If something goes viral, you can go from zero to millions of followers in a matter of months. That’s really hard to do if you take a traditional trajectory.”

“The trend we’re noticing is younger and younger talent making a name for themselves as a result of adopting the platform,” added the  head of digital media at a prime expertise company, Jad Dayeh.