Fremont Neighborhood Opens Drive-Thru Light Show ‘Crippsmas Place’

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Cripps Place in Fremont has once again turned itself into “Crippsman Place,” following a yearly tradition despite the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Beautiful lights amid pandemic

Organizers of the event are now urging everyone to stay inside their cars and maintain social distancing along the sidewalks to curb the spread of the infection. Additionally, Santa Klaus would not be attending the celebrations.

One of the residents who worked in the organization of the event, Francine Madrigal, said, “I thought it was important to bring the spirit to everybody. Just to see the true enjoyment and excitement that kids get is just heartwarming.”

The Crippsmas Place event started out as a fundraiser for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society in the 1960s. The event brings more than just lights to a night’s festivities but also larger than life-cutouts that could be found on yards, bringing to life famous cartoon and comic book characters.

To celebrate the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, hundreds of residents drove their cars through Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in San Jose, ABC7 News reported.

Santa Clara County public health officials have repeatedly warned residents to avoid going outside and gathering in large crowds during the festive holiday season. To continue celebrations while adhering to regulations, residents showed up in cars to light a candle, distribute flowers, and get a blessing from a priest.

Father Bernardo said, “Our message was to stay home.” However, the church was well prepared to receive guests with a cue through their parking lot. Additionally, several vendors came by and marketed their products on the sidewalk despite not receiving approval from Father Bernardo. He said, “That was the challenge tonight.”

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