Girl, 15, responsible for hit-and-run death of a jogger

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53-year-old Greg Moore went out for a jog early morning on July 18 in Maple Valley, Wash, but failed to come home.

Michelle, his wife, was alarmed and started looking for him. A bystander found his husband, who had a fractured skull, ripped calves, and was shoeless. He was found in a ditch and appeared to have been hit by a vehicle from behind.

Police started to look after the killer to find out that the person behind it was a girl, 15, who was alleged to have struck Moore with her grandmother’s car on purpose, just “to scare him.” The Seattle Times reported that the girl responsible for the incident is prosecuted as a minor and is facing second-degree murder and felony hit and run.

KIRO reported that the girl has appeared with her father to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Charging documents secured by the Kent Reporter said that the girl, without permission, used her grandmother’s 2004 Toyota Camry and tagged along a friend to drive around. They were followed by another car with their friends also on board.

The friend who rode with the teenager in the Camry revealed to investigators that the girl said: “I’m going to scare him, I’m going to bump him.”

The Reporter said the teenager hit Moore with the car. Based on the accounts of their other friends in a separate vehicle, they heard a loud sound and witnessed how objects soared in the air. The friend said the teenager continued driving to escape what happened but they stopped eventually to see the damages in the car.

Moore’s wife condemned the decision to treat the teenager as a juvenile, SFGATE reported.

“As heartbreaking as this case is, it’s also highly unlikely a juvenile court judge would allow this individual – a 15-year-old with no criminal history – to have her case handled in adult court,” King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg’s spokesperson Casey McNerthney told the Seattle Times.