Half of Newsom challengers for upcoming recall elections failed to make it to the ballot

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The new list provided by the Secretary of State’s office last Saturday says that not all of the candidates who expressed willingness to go against Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election set on Sept. 14 are qualified to bid.

On late Friday, more than 80 individuals have come forward and issued their statements to challenge Newsom. Of the 80, only 41 made it to the “Notice to Candidates” issued by the Secretary of State.

Among the criteria to identify eligible for the elections include being a citizen of the US, must be a registered voter in California, and must not have any history of conviction of any felonies that has to do with public corruption.

The participants also need to present nomination signatures between 65 and 100.

Also among the requirements are a filing fee worth $4, 194.94 and federal income tax returns for five years.

Secretary of State Shirley Weber is set to provide the finalized list of approved names of participants on Wednesday, July 21.

Before the schedule, it remains unclear whether more candidates can be added or slashed out from the list.

The notice dated July 17 came with the shocking information as Larry elder, a conservative radio talk show host, was not included. He filed his intent to participate in the polls four days before the deadline.

Stephanie Marshall, his spokesperson, said that Elder has satisfied all the needed documents to the Secretary of State as well as to the Los Angeles County Registrar on Friday before the closing time of the offices.

“We fully expect to be on the final certified list of candidates,” Marshall said.

While Marshall was omitted, 21 Republicans made it to the list, along with eight Democrats and a dozen of independent candidates, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The governor, on the other hand, cannot be listed among the participants as he cannot take over his own position. Voters would then be left with the questions of whether the governor be recalled or replaced.