Healthcare workers in France who fail to get vaccine shot can be suspended

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Beginning Wednesday, unvaccinated healthcare workers in France will face job suspension. This threatens the shortage of personnel in some hospitals as about 300, 000 workers are not yet vaccinated.

France has set Wednesday for staff of medical care, home care and emergency workers to get at least one shot required. Suspended compensation or suspended job are the consequences of not adhering to the mandate. The top court, however, has banned totally firing personnel.

The government has pushed for the said mandate approved by the country’s parliament over the summer as it cited the need for the safety of the public and the patients for the increase of virus cases.

COVID-19 deaths in France have surpassed 113, 000. According to health authorities, those who are needing hospital care were not vaccinated against the virus.

About 90 percent of healthcare workers in the country are expected to get their jabs.

With an already stretched health care system, some hospitals are not fearing to run short on staff.

“We are raising the alarm … if you insist on implementing this measure your beds will be closed, thus reducing chances (of survival) for a number of patients,” emergency room doctor and CGT union member Christophe Prudhomme said outside the Health Ministry.

On Tuesday, there were still 300, 000 health workers that were not yet vaccinated, the government health authority said.

Virus tests must be conducted every three days for the health care workers who only had one dose until they can complete their vaccine shots. They must get two doses by the Oct. 15 deadline.

A fine of 135 euro can be applied to firms and employers who will fail to reveal their workers’ vaccination statuses. If repeated, the fine can reach 3, 750 euros, AP News reported.

In totality, France has already vaccinated 87 percent of its adults for the first dose while 83 percent have already completed their vaccine doses.

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