Here’s Where You Can Get Big Discounts on Apple Products this Black Friday

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Black Friday sales are in full swing across the United States. While you may be tempted to buy new Apple products while the prices are low, you should consider holding back. 

Apple isn’t known for going big on Black Friday discounts. However, you can find other serious price cuts on Apple products at Amazon or Best Buy. At the time of writing, AirPods Pro is down to $170, while a 2020 eighth-generation iPad now sells for $280. 

At the Apple store, the same product may cost you $50 to $79 more, but you will receive up to a $150 Black Friday gift card, depending on the item you bought. 

Purchasing AirPods won’t grant you the rare $150 gift card. It is only available when you buy a MacBook Pro 16-inch or 21.5-inch iMac.  Additionally, most new Apple products and gears are now eligible for the $150 gift card promotion. 

Apple has yet to offer a double Apple Card cashback—a promotion it held the previous year. This year, the cashback rate will likely stay at 3%, CNET reported. 

Most major U.S. carriers have promotions running for the latest Apple products. E-commerce giant Amazon also has deals on Apple Watches, iPads, and the Intel MacBook Air. If you’re interested in seeing a full list of products with discounted prices at Apple’s physical stores, you can find it here.   

Danielle Joyce Ong

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