Heroes at Ocean Beach: Three persons acted fast to save man from drowning

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Three people – a couple of surfers and bystanders – were considered heroes after they rescued a man who was brushed underwater and nearly drowned on Sunday morning at Ocean Beach, according to fire officials.

The San Francisco Fire Department’s spokesperson Jonathan Baxter said a woman spotted a man who went into the waters on a boogie board at around 9:00 a.m. She noticed that the man appeared to be struggling when he arrived at the surf zone.

Following a few minutes, a huge wave toppled the man and swept him underwater. Baxter, citing the woman, said he immediately came out of sight. The woman called the attention of a couple of surfers who were also on the beach and reported about the man.

Baxter said the two surfers responded and located the individual. They managed to get him out of the water while the woman contacted 911. The three were taught by the dispatchers how to do CPR on the man. They did what they were told until rescuers reached the scene.

The man’s pulse and breathing returned after the response of the bystanders as well as the reviving efforts of the paramedics. He was then brought to a hospital.

“This person most likely would have perished if that alert woman wasn’t there, and most likely would have also perished if no one knew how to do CPR,” the spokesperson said, as reported by San Francisco Chronicle. “There’s some great components of real community involvement that led to this person’s life being saved.”

The three who acted fast to save the man were not yet identified, Baxter said, saying he is hoping for them to be recognized soon.