Home Improvement Projects: Debunking 6 big myths

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Homes are supposed to be lived in, worked on, and improved. But before the thought of major renovations tempt you, make sure you’re not falling for any of these home improvement tips that turn out to be myths. 

Myth: ‘Go Big on Renovations and Improvements’

Instead of going big, go smart and realistic. That giant bump-out addition you’ve been wanting for so long might not be worth it in the long run. Aside from that, you have to think about how the “improvement” would look. You’d never want to be that ridiculous house in your block since that would be a potential problem when the time to sell comes. 

Myth: ‘Cracks Can Cost You Thousands in Repairs’

Cracks on the wall can be bothersome to look at but most of the times, they are not a huge issue at all. Most cracks you see at your home are just results of seasonal expansions and contractions and does not always mean that there’s a structural failure. To ease your troubles, you can call for a structural engineer to check it out. 

Myth: ‘Wallpaper Works Anywhere’

No, wallpaper does not work anywhere. If it is not attached properly, it will look horrible and is also prone to fading and condensation. If you are considering a wallpaper, think for the long run. Would they still look great 3, 5, 10 years from now?

Myth: ‘DIY Always Saves Money’

Sure for some instances, DIY can save you a huge sum of money but just because you’re handy does not mean that you should do all home improvement projects by yourself. Major things like roofing, electrical repairs and upgrades, and structural work need the aid of professionals or experts in the field. 

Myth: ‘Remodeling is Easy and Fast’

Those who have thought that remodeling is easy as 1, 2, 3 might have been too consumed with TV shows who unrealistically showcases that renovation can be done within 48 hours. For one, these TV shows are scripted to the core and the few crew you see on cam are supplemented by a larger group who helps them when the cameras are cut off. Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as you thought in real life. 

Myth: ‘Pools Add Value’

Pools can make or break it and if you think that adding a pool at home will give a boost to its value, you might want to think about your location first. If you live in the warm part of the country, a pool might be a selling factor but if you happened to be in the Midwest or on the East, rather than an attraction, a pool might be a liability. For one, they cost a lot to maintain during the winter and two, some home buyers just don’t want one.

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