Home reportedly connected to Google’s Larry Page destroyed by fire

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A three-alarm fire on Tuesday has left a home in Palo Alto, California destroyed. The said residence is included in an $11 million property that is reportedly linked to Larry Page, Google co-founder.

Palo Alto Online has first carried the story. It cited an account of a neighbor saying the property that sits on Bryant Street in the private neighborhood of Old Palo Alto belongs to “either Google co-founder Larry Page or Google itself.”

Then Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs, also had a home in a neighborhood of grand homes, known for its abundant greens.

According to the statement of the Palo Alto Fire Department, three sides of the double story home were devoured by the blaze when the fire crew arrived at the location after 8 in the evening.

“Additionally, flames from the fire threatened tall trees on one side of the structure,” according to the department.

Based on the report of the Palo Alto Online, the fire has affected the main home’s back unit.

Fire responders were quick to contain the blaze and prevented it from damaging the primary structure.

Citing the department, the Daily Beast said that no person was inside the home when the fire incident happened. Two firefighters, however, incurred minor injuries.

The department has posted a photo of the home following the blaze. It showed the still-standing but burned structure.

One of the neighbors, Rebecca Eisenberg, also managed to capture a video of the burning house and posted it on social media.

The Santa Clara County Assessor said the value of the home hits $10.99 million.

A business search on the California Secretary of State website showed that LLC listed as the home’s owner shares the same address as Page’s Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, SFGATE reported.

Meanwhile, the department said the fire incident was reported through a sight of fire inside the home through a security camera. Investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire.