Homeowners had no idea they bought a property featured in a famous Christmas movie

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Research is important before jumping into a home purchase.

In the United Kingdom, a couple accidentally bought a property without any idea that it appeared in a famous holiday movie. Since they moved in, movie fans started visiting their home, taking photos, and even asking questions, FOX News reported.

Jon and Cressida Bromley’s house was featured in the Christmas romantic comedy ‘The Holiday’ aired in 2006, according to a report by Southwest News (SWNS). Specifically, the couple paid for the property that ‘The Holiday’ cottage was based on.

Film researchers admired the house while the project was in pre-production but its location is too far, making it hard for the cast and crew to reach. They thought of producing a house’s replica and placed it on the studio lot.

The couple never had any idea of the house’s history when they purchased it in 2019.

“I came to see it on my own to begin with and just literally fell in love with it straight away,” Jon shared to SWNS. “Just everything was beautiful – low ceilings, it’s beamed, it’s got a massive inglenook fireplace with a log burner in. Then we saw it in Country Life article saying something like ‘the inspiration for ‘The Holiday’ cottage is back on the market.’ I thought ‘bloody hell!'”

Visitors then started appearing in the Bromleys’ house since they acquired it.

Jon and Cressida Bromley accidentally bought the house from the 2006 Christmas rom-com ‘The Holiday.’ (SWNS)

“We had a couple of location scouts,” Jon explained. “There’s a fair few people that come past looking for the house. Then you get the odd one who goes past and stops and says ‘I recognize that, is this the ‘Holiday’ cottage?’ and ‘do you mind if I take some pictures?'”

Amid the popularity of the property, the couple said they are still in love with their house and the environment around it.

“It’s one of those getaways where you go and hide yourself somewhere in a little village. There’s nothing here but a pub next door, no shops. I’m just really proud of it, it’s a very lovely house and we’re very lucky,” he said.

“It snowed last year and it just has that warmth to it when you walk through. I’m really proud of it,” he added.