San Francisco homicide

Is crime and homicide a thing of the past in San Francisco?

Crime in San Francisco has always had a spot in the national limelight. From the infamous Zodiac Killer to the Golden State killer, the Bay Area has had its fair share of homicides, murderers, and other horrendous crime that have captured the imagination of millions. Especially with the rise of true crime podcasts and renewed interest in solving cold cases, the news of San Francisco homicide, murder in San Francisco, shootings in San Francisco, and the tragic stories of those found dead are a haunting memory for the city and a new source of interest for many. 

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Bay Area Crime

san francisco homicides

FY 2019-20

Violent Crimes: 6,173 reported
Property Crimes: 48,118 reported

FY 2018-19

Violent Crimes: 5,854 reported
Property Crimes: 47,990 reported

San Francisco Homicide
and Cold Cases

When a San Francisco homicide is ruled as a ‘cold case’, that means the case is on hold due to lack of evidence and witnesses.

The SFPD can reopen these cases with the introduction of new promising information or witness accounts. The City offers a monetary reward if the information leads to an arrest and prosecution of these murders. 

If you have any information about these homicides or similar ones, please contact the SFPD at  1-415-553-1145.  Or call their anonymous tip line at 1-415-553-1166.