A tragic accident on New Year’s Day in California’s highway 33 caused the death of nine people, seven of whom were children, officials said. 

New Year’s Day Accident

In his statement with the Los Angeles Times, Officer Rory Marks said the collision on Highway 33 occurred about 90 minutes north of Bakersfield on New Year’s Day at around 8:00 p.m., when the driver of a 2013 Dodge veered off the road.

Officials said that the 28-year-old motorist miscalculated, resulting in a collision with a Ford on the northbound road, which was carrying one adult and seven kids. 

The slamming of the two cars caused the Ford to be set on fire. The crash caused all victims to be declared as dead-at-the-scene. As of Saturday, the victims of the incident remain unidentified, the New York Post reported.

Officer Marks said, “We don’t have any witnesses to it, other than the people who came upon it. We are looking for help if anybody knows anything.”