How CDC’s relaxed quarantine guidelines affect Bay Area businesses

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The Centers for Disease Control Monday announced new quarantine guidelines on Monday, which can give relief to business owners concerned with possible staffing shortages brought about by the pandemic, KPIX 5 reported.

Asymptomatic COVID-19-infected individuals are now recommended by the agency to undergo five-day isolation, and another five days to wear masks when around people.

The similar eased guidelines were announced by the California Department of Public Health officials who said that they will apply the recommendations of the CDC late Monday afternoon.

The adjusted guidelines will affect daily work life as several businesses suffer from labor shortages.

At Toscalito Tire and Automotive, operations continue amid the testing and quarantine guidelines changes as virus cases increase across the U.S.

“It’s a way of life that we’ve come accustomed to.  We have to deal with it properly and hygienically,” store manager Loren Winfrey said.

All workers at the shop were safe from the virus and the working conditions were not delayed.

This is opposite to what is happening to airlines, as COVID-19-infected staff and shortages canceled thousands of flights over the weekend.

Offices are not yet assured to be occupied yet amid the omicron variant spread.

“We’re reverting a little bit back to what we know how to do,” San Francisco Chamber of Commerce CEO Rodney Fong said.

“In San Francisco, while it doesn’t seem as busy on the streets, it’s still highly productive at the dining room table,” he said.

Airlines prompted the CDC to have its quarantine guardians relaxed for fully vaccinated individuals.

In order for the businesses to satisfy demand, Fong and other business owners are hoping for the Department of Public Health to apply the same.

“We’re tracking that very closely and working with the Department of Public Health, encouraging to ease it when it’s safe.  We’re in the middle of a spike right now so maybe it’s not the best time to do that,” Fong told KPIX 5.