How to make dalgona candy like in “Squid Game” carving challenge

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TikTok was flooded with “dalgona candy challenge” as fans try on making their own treat used in the deadly carving challenge on the South Korean hit series “Squid Game”.

Contestants in the survival series faced death as their consequence for failing to perfectly carve out the embossed shapes from the candy. Before the “Squid Game” happened, South Korean children has already been playing the carving game, but of course without the unfortunate consequences. A similar game was reportedly called by many people as “honeycomb”.

The game has reached TikTok, where many users are starting to make their own treat on their own. Over 5 million views were already garnered by the hashtag linked to the dalgona candy challenge.

Other linked terms like “honeycomb challenge” and “dalgona challenge” have earned over 82.2 million views in total.

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Making your own “Squid Games”-inspired honeycomb dalgona treat

While street vendors use metal ladles on open fire to produce dalgona candies, you may use a stove or gas burner if you are making it at home.

For making the candies, you only need two ingredients: sugar and baking soda.

You need to also have these materials prepared: skillet of metal ladle, spoon or metal chopstick, gas burner, parchment paper or miniature baking pan, cookie cutters, and needles.

Here are the instructions, as FOX News listed:

1. Place your skillet or metal ladle over an open flame.

2. Put in sugar. Use a spoon or metal chopstick to stir content.

3. The sugar should reach amber in color if it has melted. Add a pinch of baking soda and continue stirring.

4. After the contents are mixed properly, transfer it into a baking pan or a parchment paper.

5. Mold the shape using a cookie cutter while the mixture is wet. Press the shape lightly so it will not cut your candy completely.

6. Lift the cookie cutter. Let the candy solidify.

7. Complete your serving with needles so your visitors can try the “Squid Game” carving challenge themselves.