How Twitter is Censoring Conservative Voices

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Twitter’s Questionable Censorship Actions

Recently, popular social media platform Twitter has been establishing willful and unusual censorship to flag tweets related to political matters and opinions. When former president Trump posted voter fraud allegations on his official Twitter account, the said social media site labeled it an undisputed claim. Due to the previously mentioned news, the Senate Judiciary Committee calls upon the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to attend a hearing and elaborate on how they censor conservative voices on their respective online websites.

Following the controversial censorship issues, Jack Dorsey could also face indictments in court for telling lies in Congress two years ago. 

As he attended his hearing, Dorsey declared before the House Committee of Energy and Commerce that Twitter does not utilize political ideas to gauge the content getting posted and shared around the said social media platform. However, that “fact” uttered by Dorsey is nothing but a complete sham.

Proofs on Twitter’s Biased Flagging Business

Twitter’s network offers overwhelming and recorded proofs of how the platform becomes exceedingly biased and unfair with censoring conservatives over the past years. According to the watchdog group, the Media Research Center’s study revealed that during the 2020 election campaigns, both Facebook and Twitter censored Trump and his movement at least 65 times. Joe Biden’s campaign, on the other hand, never got redacted by the two networking sites. That alone hardly proves that Twitter is neutral toward political intentions and encourages everyone to use the social media forum to voice their opinions.

Another research conducted by Count Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky revealed that Twitter does indeed lean towards bias in diplomatic affairs posted over its domain. According to the data study, Paul stated that out of all the 8,954 Biden vs. Trump vote updates he studied with his team, there were four most peculiar updates out of the whole data set they used for the analysis. He further explained that those updates do not follow the generally observed arrangement of posting, explaining the acute irregularity of those updates’ behavior.

Going back to the previously mentioned two studies that got conducted earlier, it implies that Twitter does not dedicate itself to urging its users to use the network as a place where they can use freedom of speech and honest opinions. As of late, the White House press secretary’s Twitter account got locked for only sharing a New York Post’s link talking about Hunter Biden’s explosive emails online.

Other Recent Censorship Issues Done by Twitter 

Additionally, New York Post’s account also got locked by Twitter for only doing its job of reporting the suspicious international business affairs of a presidential nominee. A few other censorship issues include the House Judiciary GOP getting blocked by the platform from sharing a government website through Post’s story link.

Amid the censorship controversies, Twitter allowed the World Health Organization, which serves as China’s representative, to post a January tweet, informing the public that the virus doesn’t affect humans at all. That misinformation led to the birth of a worldly crisis, harming millions of lives to the infectious disease in the process.

Despite all the information previously mentioned in this article, the most disturbing of all is the thought of how Twitter won’t even let health care experts, such as Atlas, to question the methods used to combat the virus. The rest of us have to deal with getting our voices silenced by the biased social media platforms that we regularly use to voice our opinions and requests on global and statewide affairs.

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