In San Francisco, guaranteed income proposed for not perpetrating crime

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San Francisco might be the next city to implement a crime prevention approach that has been used in two East Bay cities for a long time now.

Monetary incentives are involved in this crime prevention strategy.

With the initiative of Mayor London Breed, the Dream Keeper Fellowship of San Francisco can simply be understood as giving someone cash to prevent him or her from shooting people.

Apart from giving money for not committing crime, the program, which was invested with $60 million dollars in the city’s Black and African American community, also offers resources for education, training, youth development, and definite income.

Executive Director of the National Institute of Criminal Justice Reform David Muhammad said the resources target to cut down violent crime in the city.

“It’s an incentive for achieving a milestone. For instance, what we are proposing at the moment is that people involved in the program will receive a $300 a month guaranteed income stipend as a part of the city’s larger guaranteed income program. In addition to that, they would be eligible for receiving up to $200 additionally a month for achieving certain outcomes,” he said, as reported by KRON4.

Muhammad cited the success of the program in reducing crime in a couple of cities in the East Bay.

He noted that for the past eight years, the monthly payment of $300 is also a portion of the OPD’s and Oakland’s truce crime drop approach.

The executive director also said that little monetary motivation is linked to the focused goal. With this, the costs are also reduced as compared to the charges to Bay Area taxpayers if a shooting incident will result in injuries.