“It’s a public nuisance”: Sideshows broke out again in San Jose over the weekend

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Across the Bay Area, law enforcement agencies are turning their attention to eradicating illegal sideshows.

Multiple slideshows have erupted overnight down in South Bay, specifically in San Jose.

Marks were placed by drivers restricted people from exiting a crosswalk.

One of the illegal events broke out after midnight on south 10th street and East Alma Avenue, which gathered a massive crowd. Several people have witnessed how drivers assembled their vehicles in a circle at top speed. A Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus, along with other vehicles, was seen trapped in the traffic as the illegal activity happened.

The same has transpired on Mabury and Lanfest road, as well as at the intersection of 8915 Monterey road. A flock of people also had their eyes pinned as drivers hit the road fast.

According to city council member Sergio Jiminez, the city is already moving to stop these illegal activities.

“It’s a public nuisance. People are getting hurt and we need to address very it forcefully.”

A city ordinance was already put in place to penalize sideshow audiences with up to a thousand dollars fine. Added to this, promoting the illegal event is also prohibited, KRON4 reported.

Last weekend, a huge sideshow in South San Jose had several vehicles left impounded, six vehicles were impounded for 30 days, and about 170 people were cited.

 According to a tweet, the police said the illegal event happened in the Great Oaks Boulevard-San Ignacio Avenue intersection.

“It’s dangerous. We’ve had police officers assaulted in the past. We’ve had our patrol cars vandalized by these participants. So when we have enough resources, we’re certainly going to get organized, coordinated and we’re going to respond,” exclaimed Sgt. Christian Camarillo to KPIX 5 last Monday, August 30.