“It’s probably rigged”: Trump throws baseless statement about Newsom recall poll

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Without any evidence, Former US President Donald Trump on Tuesday has reached out to Newsmax to report conspiracies about Gavin Newsom’s recall election. His ban on most social media stays because of his baseless 2020 presidential election fraud claims.

“It’s probably rigged,” Trump alleged. “They’re sending out all ballots, the ballots are mail-in ballots; in fact, I guess you even have a case where you can make your own ballot. When that happens no one is going to win except these Democrats.”

While he did not specify what he meant for “make your own ballot”, it seemed that he was referring to rarely-utilized systems for voters with disabilities, the Remote Accessible Vote By Mail program of the state.

Voters, through this system, can “mark their selections using their own compatible technology.” Instead of filling out on paper, the system uses a computer to speak the names of candidates or clicking boxes.

A voter needs to reach out to election officials and secure clearance before being eligible to use remote accessible vote through mail.

Conservatives are starting to point out fabricated voter fraud to anticipate a possible loss in the election, especially that Newsom is appearing to be victorious on the recall, a recent poll showed. In California, Democrats surpass the number of registered voters with 47 percent, while Republicans only make up 24 percent.

Fox News personality Tomi Lahren on Tuesday announced on air that “the only thing that will save Gavin Newsom is voter fraud,” disregarding the explanation of another panelist citing the huge fundraising edge of Newsom. The panelist noted that Newsom’s advantage moved him to create a bunch of staffers to link with formerly uninterested Democratic voters and urge them to vote, SFGATE reported.

It has been long since voting by mail was used without any rampant fraud incidence. The said system uses signature checks done by election officials when ballots are received.

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