“Karen” strikes again! Maskless woman caught coughing inside a supermarket

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In a city requiring people to use masks indoors, a woman was captured by a camera in a supermarket, appearing to cough on purpose without wearing a face mask.

Reddit user Jessabird first posted the information online earlier this week. She narrated that she was in a Nebraska supermarket when a woman allegedly went on to her and her child and asked them why they were masking up.

“She asked if I’ve had a vaccine and said that my kid and I don’t need to wear masks because we look young and healthy. There were several other people around wearing masks but for some reason she chose to pick on me and my kid,” the Internet user shared.

The woman was captured in a video as she approached the video recorder and deliberately coughed in their location.

Before she was seen coughing, another video also captured the same woman saying “I don’t need to have [a mask] on, I’m not sick and neither are you.”

The video showed that she began coughing publicly, claiming that she has allergies.

According to Jessabird, a supermarket employee interfered and the woman went away.

However, Jessabird said the woman seemed to tail after her around the same store.

“She laughed and kept saying ‘Look at you, it’s so cute how scared you are!’ By this time I was absolutely livid, trying my best to hold it together in front of my kid. I didn’t finish my shopping, instead I went to the self checkout to pay for my stuff,” she said.

Wearing masks indoors is required in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska where the said supermarket is situated, KRON4 reported.

According to the September 3 release, Lancaster County is at “high risk of COVID-19 spread and impact in the community.”