Joe Biden has refused to call out Ron Klain, who was just chosen as chief of staff, for his claims that the COVID-19 pandemic was just fear-mongering, according to

Klain tweeted in February: “We don’t have a #COVID-19 epidemic in the US but we are starting to see a fear epidemic. Kudos to @NYCMayor (and others) for standing against that.”

Klain also retweeted an irresponsible message from Mayor Bill de Blasio during the early days of the pandemic that said, “It was my honor to spend time with our Asian-American owned small businesses in Flushing today. This vibrant community is standing strong but they need YOUR support. Our Chinatowns are open for business – make some dinner plans, do some shopping and stand with our neighbors!”

The tweet from de Blasio included photos of a large group of people eating together at dinner without masks. But Trump was greatly criticized for shutting down the flights from China at the time.

Still, Klain went on to criticize the president for not taking the pandemic seriously.

“What did President Trump do? He downplayed it,” said Klain in the video. “From the very beginning, Donald Trump had a ‘Don’t test, don’t tell’ mindset” he added.

According to Jarrett, “It’s all so pathetic, considering it was in January when Klain wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post to criticize Trump’s proposed ban on travel from China.”

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