LAPD releases video, body-cam footage on dressing room shooting that killed suspect, minor girl

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A video showing an officer from the Los Angeles Police Department as he fired at an assault suspect and a teenage girl in a clothing store was released on Monday, SFGATE reported.

Thursday’s shooting took the life of 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta who was with her mother inside a dressing room when the shooting happened. A report of the Los Angeles Times said the girl was fitting on quinceañera attire.

The 24-year-old suspect Daniel Elena Lopez was shot to death by officers. Officers hit the wall behind the suspect, and the teenage girl was on the other side.

Los Angeles Police Department PIO Capt. Stacy Spell, second from left, speaks in a press conference at the scene where two people were struck by gunfire in a shooting at a Burlington store — part of a chain formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory in North Hollywood, Calif., Thursday, Dec. 23, 2021.

The body-cam footage, the establishment’s surveillance video, and the 911 calls were all released by the LAPD on Monday.

Included in the 911 calls was one coming from a store worker who defined the suspect as a “hostile customer” who roamed around the establishment and was looking for victims to hit with a bike lock. There was another caller who reported that the suspect could have been under drugs, one said he was armed, and others were uncertain.

Lopez was seen through the Burlington footage as he drove a bike, entering a store at about 11 in the morning. First, he was wearing a black sleeveless top and shorts but later, he had a coat, pants, and was wearing a different pair of shoes.

He approached the second-floor escalators as he can be noticed being unpredictable. He held his bicycle upward twice as people walked close to the entrance below.

Lopez attacked things in the business establishments before he was confronted by workers. Next, he assaults customers with what police describe as a “heavy-duty cable lock.”

The cameras further reveal at least 11 officers who responded to the location.

Police yelled at the public to come to them and said one person was down. One of the officers was caught in a body cam as he asked his colleagues to give way as he was coming with his rifle.

The officer with the rifle elevated his firearm as a trail of blood was seen, which was from the woman on the floor.

“She’s bleeding! She’s bleeding,” the officer tells his peers.

LAPD spokesperson Capt. Stacy Spell said that the girl victim was the third person the suspect has assaulted.